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Things That Go Bump in the Night: The Meme

They're the things that go bump in the night. As long as man has been telling stories, they have been passing along tales of the dark, the supernatural, the otherworldly. And it seems they're recruiting.

Maybe it was a science experiment gone wrong. Perhaps something bit you. Maybe an ancient ritual tainted your soul and transformed you into a servant of darkness. Or maybe you've always been this way. Whatever you thought you knew before, you're one of Them now. What happens next?

Rules (Do you guys even need these anymore?):

1. Post with your character name, fandom and preferences.
2. People reply to you using RNG (or not) to pick an option; up to you which character is affected by monstrosity - maybe both are!
3. Roleplay
4. Have fun!

Pick your poison )

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The Corset Meme

The corset is a foundation garment designed to shape the wearer's body. It could be innerwear or outerwear, but changes the human figure regardless. It enforces posture. It shrinks the waist and gives a more pronounced hourglass shape to the core area. If worn tightly enough, it can inhibit normal breathing.

And yet you've worn one anyway. If you are from a historical setting, it could be the fashion of the time. Maybe you wear it because your partner thinks it looks sexy. It could be involuntary, a tool for bondage and restriction. If you've taken to crossdressing for any reason, it can help you attain the illusion of femininity. Perhaps it is linked to an enchantment and won't unlace until some magical requirement has been fulfilled. Or maybe you've put it on only to take it off during a slow burlesque.

Wearing something different could spice up even the most mundane settings. Let's explore how different life becomes once we lace up and cinch ourselves in. 


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